Q1 2017 Update

Published 31 March 2017

As March draws to a close, I thought I’d give an update about how my Resolutions 2017 are going.

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This Week in Chiptune

Published 08 January 2017

Continuing with the podcast theme, I thought I’d recommend something that isn’t just talk this time.

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Resolutions 2017

Published 01 January 2017

My attitude towards resolutions has historically been one of cynicism. Whenever anybody makes a resolution at this time of year, I have near-zero confidence that they will carry it through more than a week. I’m truly shocked if a resolution makes it past January.

The main reasons I feel this way is that people don’t seem to know where to place the goalposts and so set them to extremes. This leads to almost immediate disappointment and relapse in to old habits when the resolution is broken. Good resolutions are incremental, achievable and quantifiable. They describe a goal, not prescribe a solution. The classic resolution of joining a gym and go three times a week is a huge change of lifestyle, doesn’t really tackle the problem and is difficult to keep track of.

With that in mind, let’s walk through my resolutions for 2017.

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Thank You 2016

Published 31 December 2016

2016 has been a wild, drama-filled year of crap on many levels but a few people have been truly excellent this year. I’d like to take a post to thank just a few of the friends who have made 2016 a little less terrible.

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Published 25 December 2016

Short post for Christmas. Shelter is simply a beautiful short film for a fantastic song of the same name. There are not that many things in the world that can pull me emotionally quite like this did.